Can I set up a rule to forward mail?

I would like to set up a rule to forward some emails to a different address. I do not see any action like this in the rules creation flow. Is this really impossible currently?


I don’t think this is possible. It’s an action I’ve seen ‘missing’ from a range of email clients. Perhaps the best option might be to add the rule on your mail server instead. (This is also where ‘out of office’ rules are best added, so that they work even when your computer’s not connected to email.)

The biggest reason I opted for Mailspring was the hope this was a possibility. I was using T-Bird, but they keep changing things so I was having to manually do the forwards.

This makes me sad.

The hunt will continue.

Fair enough. The problem is that “Forward” actions often need to be applied immediately (they’re often “I don’t want to see this but X does”), and that sort of thing needs doing on the mail server to be properly effective. But when you want the same rule applied to multiple accounts, it would definitely be easier to do on the client!