Can Mailspring be installed on a linux server and then be accessed with webbrowser

Hope this is the right forum for this question.

Hi @witzker,

Well, the Mailspring can be installed on Linux server, BUT there are some dependencies that the Mailspring use to work correctly.
Normally the Servers don’t use GUI interface, just the CLI, and I don’t know how your environment is. Maybe it will download some programs/dependencies that for a Linux Server isn’t interesting have.
And, about access from web browser, well… The Mailspring is just a client used to access the emails servers like Gnome (Google), iCloud (Apple), Hotmail (Microsoft) and others… So, if you want to access from browser, I think that you should use the provider’s own site (e.g.
I think that there are some others email clients that are use from terminal (CLI). So, for a Linux Server, I think that this is a better solution for your problem (although I disagree that on a linux server you shouldn’t be using an email client).