Cannot connect to my institutional email

Here below the log of the error:
connect mailcore::IMAPSession:0x7ffdd3a0a520
ssl connect 993 6
connect error 6

Mailspring version: 1.9.2-6e14dad1
OS: kubuntu 20.04
When I try to connect via IMAP/SMTP it fills all the fields correctly, as stated in the page of my university and mailspring’s (How to access your (Università degli Studi di Verona) email account using IMAP), but then it won’t let me login, instead giving me that error.
Is this due to mailspring or to some settings of my university?
Do you know how to fix this if it’s the first option?

edit: adding infos as suggested by Jhon

thank a lot in advance,

Can you share the settings you’re using, the version of Mailspring and your operating system? Also, if you the settings page is public, it might help if folk here can view it, in case there’s something missing from the instructions!

thanks for the quick reply; added requests to the post :ok_hand:t2:

Are you using the option where Mailspring tries to auto-detect the right settings? Have you tried manually entering the various options?

(Given that page is from the Mailspring community, is it possible that the details have changed? Does the university have an official page with connection details?)

I see that redirect to microsoft. Try Office 365 instead of IMAP. Maybe they changed their server…

well, yep, thank you for the suggestion. In fact, details have changed since last year when I first connected on mailspring. I did find the new ones and copy-pasted them instead of letting mailspring autocompile (which gives old details). Now everything work fine! thank you all for your time, really appreciated :slight_smile: