Cannot indent text when composing a message

There is no way to indent text (line or paragraph) within a message in the composer. Nothing on the formatting bar, and pressing TAB only takes the cursor to the To line.

Some will probably say this is a feature request, but it shouldn’t be since it’s an important part of rich text formatting of messages.

I don’t think this is a bug - it’s not that something isn’t working as designed, more that you think it should be designed differently. And I do see your point about indentation, although Mailspring’s rich-text editor is not a full-featured text editor in any case (and arguably shouldn’t be). Would you also advocate for spacing between paragraphs, or text alignment, or any of 50 different things?

I hear you. Yeah, I don’t think we need a Word-like full featured experience in the composer, but for emails the basics are necessary, and I would argue that being able to indent a paragraph, to offset a quote or an address or something, is one of them.

Of course, to offset a quote, you use the “Quote” style, which does just that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, so it does. Wasn’t aware of that. My muscle memory just has me hitting TAB to indent some text, so the behavior disoriented me.

I don’t think many email clients support tab-to-indent, do they? (FWIW, I was trained out of doing that in documents decades ago, in favour of using proper styles. But that’s a whole 'nother debate! :grin: )

Certainly most text editors do. But yeah, maybe I just need to get new muscle memory :wink: