Cannot move folders

I can’t move any of my folders. Quit and restarted. Re-booted. No luck…

What kind of folders do you want to move? Most folders are defined by the provider itself.

Hey @davidilan! Mailspring doesn’t allow you to move messages or folders of messages between your accounts (though it’s been a requested feature!), but if you want to move a folder within another folder, etc. you can do that by renaming the folder and giving a “path” as the new name.

For example, to move folder A into folder B, you could rename A to A/B . Hope that helps!

Not sure I understand. How do I make a new folder and put it within another “parent” folder?


I want to make a new secondary folder and place it under an existing primary folder.

You can create a new folder (or move an existing) folder under another folder simply by naming/renaming it. For example, if you have a folder Interesting, and you want to create a Cooking subfolder, you’d name that subfolder Interesting/Cooking. (That is what @bengotow was describing above.)

I agree this interface can be clarified. You can vote for that issue here: Creating Subfolders (Clarify Interface)