Cannot send doccuments or images

Since installing mailspring, it will not send doccuments or images, nothing huge, a simple jpg of 300k causes problems, I get a server error, it’s to do with size; I was able to sent a very small 47k jpg.
This is a big deal, I have no problem with Thunderbird mail, I changed because I now use a 4k moniter
and thunderbird does not scale.
I’m at the stage where I will be uninstalling Mailspring. I’m dissapointed at the poor level of support.

That’s odd - I’ve successfully sent and received much larger attachments than that. Could you share your setup so the devs can help? (Mailspring version, operating system, mail provider, details of the error message you get.)

Hi thanks for getting back to me, I’m using up to date Win 10, Mail provider is Easily

Error is

SorryMailspring was unable to deliver this message, Connection error- unable to connect to the server/ port you provided

just sent myself a 16k image went fine, it’s only larger files, but not huge files

mailspring version 1.9.1-30 (latest version)

Is it definitely related to attachments, or do you get this error at other times? Because that error looks to be a failure to connect in the first place, rather than to complete sending the email.

If you have other email accounts, can you send larger attachments through them?

Hi I am able to send and receive normaly, I can send a very small image/document 16k no prob, an image of 390k gives the error every time. I have checked again, this is def the case. I am able to receive the larger image if I use Thunderbird Mail to send to myself. i’ts odd but a constant problem.

I should say I never got the error unless trying to send an image.

Do you only have the one account to test with? It would be useful to know if the problem arises only between Mailspring and Easily, or whether you experience it on all accounts.

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Hi I have a gmail account which I will put onto mailspring. I’m out for a while now but will do it later Thanks

Hi John. I added my gmail account & it worked fine. I now know I need to check my paid for email account setting

Thanks for your help Dave

Well, that’s something! It might be worth asking Easily whether they can help diagnose the issue. It could lie either with them or with Mailspring, or just be one of those odd cases where both parties are doing things right but somehow differently!