Can't add iCloud: no OPENSSL_Applink

When trying to add an iCloud account on Windows, I get an error message:

Waiting for Account JSON:

Waiting for Identity JSON:
info: Identity created at 1507252051 - using ID Schema 0

OPENSSL_Uplink(7A45D878,08): no OPENSSL_Applink

(Originally posted by paulomanrique on GitHub.)

This started to happen with me when I upgraded my server from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 yesterday, maybe its related somehow to Dovecot version upgrade, I’m using at the moment Dovecot

(Originally posted by arturluizbr on GitHub.)

I have the same issue when adding an IMAP account. It doesn’t matter whether I choose STARTTLS or TLS.

(Originally posted by moritzruth on GitHub.)

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