Can't archive a message, or remove a label if that label is set as the inbox under Preferences > Folders


I use a GMail (Google Workspace) account and have a label configured as the inbox under Preferences > Folders.

  • When I archive a message in the inbox, nothing happens. In the developer tools I can see that a queue-task is send to mailsync to remove the correct label.
  • The same when I try to remove the label by hovering over the label and clicking the cross: nothing happens in the interface, but a queue-task is logged in the developer tools.

This happens to all messages in the inbox. Removing other labels, that are not configured as the inbox, works correctly.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add a GMail account to Mailspring
  2. Go to Mailspring > Preferences > Folders
  3. Set the Inbox to a label
  4. Try to archive a message from the label now set as inbox

Expected Behavior

Expect the label configured as Inbox to disappear from the message and the message to disappear from the inbox.


In the mailsync log these lines appear:

3958 [2021-07-23 21:58:18.893] [main] [info] [local-a5ea2eac-8474] Running ChangeLabelsTask performLocal:
3958 [2021-07-23 21:58:18.910] [main] [info] [local-a5ea2eac-8474] -- Succeeded. Changing status to `remote`
3958 [2021-07-23 21:58:19.281] [foreground] [info] Idle exited with code 0
3958 [2021-07-23 21:58:19.289] [foreground] [info] [local-a5ea2eac-8474] Running ChangeLabelsTask performRemote:
3958 [2021-07-23 21:58:19.369] [foreground] [info] [local-a5ea2eac-8474] -- Succeeded. Changing status to `complete`
3958 [2021-07-23 21:58:19.441] [foreground] [info] syncFolderChangesViaCondstore - [Gmail]/All Mail: modseq 9025288 to 9025288, uidnext 298449 to 298449
3958 [2021-07-23 21:58:19.701] [foreground] [info] Idling on folder [Gmail]/All Mail


  • OS and Version: macOS 10.14.6
  • Installation Method: installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.1-30ef802f

Additional information

The label that I want to use is a sublabel of another label, so it has a forward slash (/) in the name. When testing with another label that is not a sublabel, removing the label the normal way (by hovering over it and clicking on the cross mark) works, but archiving still doesn’t work.