Can't see if any folders contain unread emails from the folder list

If I set up a mail rule to move emails to a folder, there appears to be nothing to show that the folder contains unread email… Is this a setting somewhere or meant to be the case?

It’s clearly completely useless if there is no way to know if a folder contains new unread emails.

If I go into a folder, it shows them as unread (bold) - if here are unread emails in the inbox, it shows the inbox in green with a green unread emails notification count adjacent to this so I would have expected the same for other folders…

Never mind, I found an option in the ‘General’ settings that allows me to check ‘Show unread counts for all folders / labels’ - this is exactly what I was after (I would think it would make sense to enable this by default though).

this should 100% be enabled by default