Can't write contents in Japanese


These errors happen with error message whenever I reply.

Error: Unable to find a DOM node for “10179”. This is often because of forgetting to add props.attributes to a custom component.
at findDOMNode (…/src/utils/find-dom-node.js:19:11)
at findDOMPoint (…/src/utils/find-dom-point.js:12:14)
at findDOMRange (…/src/utils/find-dom-range.js:13:21)
at Content._this.updateSelection (…/src/components/content.js:204:21)
at Content.componentDidUpdate (…/src/components/content.js:150:10)
at Hi (/Applications/
at Fi (/Applications/
at Gi (/Applications/
at ii (/Applications/
at xg (/Applications/
at Object.enqueueSetState (/Applications/
at _a.Component.setState (/Applications/

To Reproduce…

  1. reply
  2. write something in Japanese
  3. enter
  4. write something in Japanese

Expected Behavior

write with no problem



OS: macOS Monterey 12.5.1
Installation Method: installer
Mailspring ver: 1.10.5