Change custom signature within the message

The Problem

Mailspring allows setting a custom signature for our emails. This is great. However, in many occasions we want to modify such signature, just slightly. For instace, you may want to change “Best regards,” for “Kind regards,”. This is AFAIK not possible, unless one removes the signature altogether.

Proposed Solution

I guess the solution is straightforward: pasting the custom signatures in each email as text rather than a sort of immutable image. I don’t know how feasible this is, but standard clients (gmail, outlook, etc) allow doing so, so why don’t we?

When you first create the signature using one of your preferred designs, you can then click the raw html option and edit the ‘Best Regards’ in there.

IMO this option should be one of the standard fields to populate, but at least with the raw html option you have a workaround.

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Well of course you can do that on creation. But suppose you want to change “Best” to “Kind”, just in a single message. It’s just an example, but it is quite annoying that something as simple as that can’t be done easily.

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