Changed subject is not visible any where


Consider that in my Mailspring, I am logged in with There is another email id, I do not use mailspring for

  1. Now sent an email to
  2. replied back.
  3. replied back on the same thread but changed the subject
  4. replied back on the last email and again changed the subject.

In the above case mentioned, even if changed the subject, Mailspring is showing the email in the same thread. There is no place where i can see the changed subject of the email. On the top, you only show the subject of the first email.

Lot of time, certain information is only mentioned within the subject



  • OS and Version: MacOS v10.13.4
  • Mailspring Version: 1.2.1

Additional Context

If you solve this issue, #894, you will eventually solve this issue.

Gmail has thread level subject, but subject of each email is also accessible. In Mailspring, we there is no way to see email level subject line.

screen shot 2018-06-28 at 2 53 31 pm

(Originally posted by patelom on GitHub.)

There is some application state inconsistency here also. If mailspring is running as the emails arrive, the subject will match first email. If mailspring wasn’t running, then syncs a new thread, mailspring will use the subject of the last email in the thread. The subject chosen persists between app restarts, but can differ between clients on different machines based on if the client was running when the emails arrived.

Side note: I missed an important email yesterday related to this behavior. The thread title of the original email was a generic error email sent to several people automatically (which we get a fair amount of). When my boss replied to me on that email thread telling me to look into it, the title never changed to RE: ... and the sender just changed from to, Chri....

(Originally posted by deckar01 on GitHub.)

I started working on the issue here:

A related bug - description below
When using the “reply” function to send a new mail (because it is 100% certain you are sending it to the right address) AND modifying the Subject line to something new

  • the new subject line is correctly shown in the out box
  • a reply from the sender will however be shown under the OLD/previous title line together with mails with the previous/old subject line. This is very confusing.

Expected behaviour: mails should of course be listed under the correct heading line…

Will try to observe if there is a pattern somehow and if the strange behavior is related to part of the accounts only. May take some time…

V1.9.2-14dad1 - W10 64B

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