Check for updates banner is annoying when using a third-party distribution that lags behind releases

Are there any related issues? no
What operating system are you using? Arch Linux
Feature Request?

I would like to either disable checking for updates or just hide the notification.


I’m on Arch Linux and the AUR repo is kept up to date pretty well. I am not going to download the app manually and I don’t want to update my computer every time MailSpring says so. I have a once-a-month update schedule.

This notification hides needed info and it’s color takes my attention away - super annoying and not useful.

(Originally posted by KristerV on GitHub.)

I’m the one that created the aur repo in the beginning and are collabing on it again.

Is there a safe way to disable the update notification? Such as setting the updateAvailable = false in the update-notification file? Just making sure.

Do mind we use the .deb file in the AUR repo.

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Same issue in the Solus Project ( the notification is very annoying and will get updated on a weekly basis so being able to turn off that notification would be greatly appreciated.

(Originally posted by marxistvegan on GitHub.)

I found a hacky way to disable it, which requires asar:

From the path app.asar is in:

asar extract app.asar app sed -i 's/updater.getState()/0/g' app/internal_packages/notifications/lib/items/update-notification.js asar pack app app.asar rm -rf app

I’m not sure it’s safe, but it worked for me. The result will be larger than the original app.asar since the original build step excludes some patterns. If someone is ambitious enough, it should be possible to ignore these form the cli too, or possibly rebuild only this with gulp.

…or better yet, officially support disabling the banner so we don’t have to.

Addition: Hijacking the update url seems to work too:

echo -e '\n127.0.0.1' sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

(Originally posted by friday on GitHub.)

When a new update is available for Mailspring, a window open on the bottom left of the screen saying “An update to Mailspring is available (version)”. As far as I can see there is no option to close/discard the pop-up.

As an Arch Linux user, I rely on the AUR package to update Mailspring but there could be a bit of latency with respect to the actual new release. It would be interesting to add another button in the window saying “Discard” or “later”.

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