Community License to support development

The Problem

Currently, the mailspring pro subscription is $8 USD per month / $85 USD per year. I feel like this is a bit much for people like me, who would like to support ongoing development, but don’t need / want all the pro features.

Some features like Read receipts would be handy, sure, but not for $8/$85 USD (which is ~$12/$125 AUD for me in Australia)

Proposed Solution

My suggestion would be a license option at say $20 - $30 USD per year (~$30 - $45 AUD) that would allow us to support development. This would also remove the ‘consider buying pro’ message for the subscription period.

You could maybe even provide one or two of the pro features that don’t cost much to run, but I’m not personally too bothered about that either way.

Alternative Solutions

Consider introducing a ‘donate’ type button that would allow people to contribute an amount they feel comfortable with. Any contribution helps right?


I’m coming to Mailspring from Mailbird after they decided to change their definition of ‘lifetime’ with the move to Mailbird 3. I’d like to support continued development of Mailspring, but current pricing doesn’t work for me, so I thought I’d make a suggestion.