Compose in External Editor/Tool

Cheers for all the work put into this application. I’m surprised how much you have managed to improve background resource management compared to Nylas Mail.

Over to my question… Would it be possible to compose mails in $EDITOR? I’m a avid Vim user and feel that I’m missing my key bindings a bit too much. Just having the option to add a button to open in $EDITOR would be enough really.

(Originally posted by sQVe on GitHub.)

Hey! Ahh this would be super cool. I wonder if you could rig up a script of some sort to enable this? You couldn’t really start in Mailspring and open VIM, but you could potentially pipe vim output into a new Mailspring email like this:

quickmail() (  trap 'rm ~/temp$' exit; vim ~/temp$ >/dev/tty; mailspring "mailto:?subject=Untitled&body=$(cat ~/temp$ | xxd -plain | tr -d '\n' | sed 's/\(..\)/%\1/g' )")


Then when you run the quickmail command, it runs vim in your terminal session and captures the output to a temp file. It then pipes the temp file in, url-encodes the contents using xdd and places that encoded body in a mailto: URL that opens in Mailspring. Might be a good workflow for you?

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

That would work really well for me. Even better would be a hotkey / button to open current composed Mailspring text, but I understand if that is a bit harder to implement.

Qutebrowser handles this quite nicely. Focus a input field and press Ctrl + E and it opens Vim externally. Whenever I write to the file that qutebrowser opened in Vim the browser input is updated.

(Originally posted by sQVe on GitHub.)