Compose new message in same window

Would it be possible to have the compose message window simply appear in the main window similar to when you read email when the reading pane is off?

(Originally posted by superDuperCyberTechno on GitHub.)

Hey! This would be pretty cool - I’m hoping to get a plugin distribution system in to the app this year and I think this would make a great plugin. Will see what we can do :+1:

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

I would also like this feature.

I’m using i3WM and only when composing it creates a new tiled window. It’s kind of annoying having all my windows shift for the compose.

If the title or class was different than the main window I could set it to float the compose window. But everything is identical so there is nothing to filter on.


I use Qtile. I finally set Mailspring as a floating window exception. I open Mailspring at the beginning of the day with a keybinding, and use my toggle floating keybinding as soon as Mailspring opens. Then, it tiles all day long like it’s supposed to, but new message windows float. It’s a little workaround if you’re interested.