Composer: "No formatting" button

Basically I’m looking for a button where selected text could be restored to default size, black, sans-serif formatting. I’m finding that when I insert a link, it’s hard to get the follow text back to “normal” - it likes to stay blue and underlined.

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I’m 100 % supporting this feature request. Here are my details :

The Problem

The email editor is quite powerful but it can easily be mixed up : when changing some typography or font, the text can’t be changed at some point. Selection and change break easily and the style buttons have no effect. Really painful. It is most like to bug when editing a third party text (like answering an email), or when I insert a link, it’s hard to get the follow text back to “normal” - it stays blue and underlined.

Proposed Solution

The most simple and useful things would be to have a “Remove all text formatting” button, like a crossed T in Gmail. That would be a powerful workaround for the issue. We select text, click it, and there the style is reset, and we can apply the one we one. At least, it can be a reset to default setting for the selected text, instead of removing all formatting.

Alternative Solutions

The reset formatting button would be less useful if the editor would not be that buggy, and always apply the selected type on the selected text.