Composing a mail >> cursor jumps to the bottom

I am composing my first reply mail right now. The text cursor continues to jumps to the bottom of the message. Why?? I am still typing my mail. Am I missing anything?

// mailspring 1.9.1 on Mac

I see this occasionally, too, and I don’t know what the cause is, I’m afraid. :confused:

For me, it’s very occasional - once every few days (and, for some reason, much less common now than it was). One thought: are you perhaps tapping the trackpad while typing? MS may not suppress that the way it should, making the cursor jump to your pointer position when tapping the trackpad.

More context. I’ve had a separate window open for the new mail. And I had disclosed the [•••] button to display the mail that I was about to reply to. It happened 3 times in a row in moments when I was just looking at the screen.
No, my belly did not trigger the trackpad. ;o)