Conditionally download messages, display the message size (KB, MB ..) in some place

The size is a helpful information to some people (like me)with a modest Internet speed, and should be displayed in some part, for example the header before sync the entire mail.


Display the message size in expanded messages headers:

Display the message size when the mouse hover the message, to keep the interface clean:
This option can be configurable for people that need to be taken into account the message size.

I currently have no way of knowing if someone is sending me too big an email to take a action before download.

(Originally posted by rafrsr on GitHub.)

Hey! For the most part Mailspring automatically downloads message bodies and attachments (the only exception is mail more than three months old.). In order for this to be useful, we’d first need to give you finer-grain control over whether it downloads the message.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

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