Consistent Theming on Windows

The Problem

Mailspring’s title bar still has a bright white title bar on Windows, even with a dark Mailspring theme.

The only reason i installed the app is to have a Dracula themed mail app. It is very annoying that there is a white titlebar at the top of my Dracula theme.

Proposed Solution

Seamless titlebar would improve the overall look of main window, especially in Windows. This is less of an issue on light themes, but the white title bar does not look good with dark themes.

Since Mailspring is built using Electron, it should be easy to implement without using WinUI 3 (pretty sure WinUI 3 is aimed towards wpf, uwp, and windows forms so you can’t use it in electron apps).

Alternative Solutions

An easier solution to improve appearance would be to provide a way to hide it. This should not reduce user experience if it’s only opt-in.


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I just installed Mailspring on Windows. So far, I like it. But due to my visual impairment, the first thing I always do is activate dark mode wherever possible so I do not have to rely on the system magnifier’s “Invert Colors” feature. After doing so in Mailspring, the menu - mainly the top-right hamburger-menu - is still white.

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