Contribute to Calendar

Hey guys, I’m looking to contribute towards the calendar development. I’ve been looking for some sort of road map for implementing it to see where the feature is at and where I can start contributing, but I haven’t been able to find anything so far. What’s the best way for me to get up to speed and start contributing to the calendar feature?

On a side note, is there a Slack or Discord server for quick communication between developers of Mailspring?

Arhan Jain

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Thanks a lot for taking this up!

I have to admit, I have not yet taken a good look at the calendar’s codebase. I think the first step would be to check it out and split the whole calendar into smaller features that can be implemented and reviewed easier. Something like:

  • Proper display of the current Google calendar show functionality
  • Add new events window
  • Edit events window
  • Delete events
  • Add further calendar backends than the Google calendar

On your sidenote: There currently is no such communication channel. There are only two bigger contributors at the moment of which one is the maintainer (Ben) and then me.

I don’t know how to code so I can’t help there, but I could donate capital if that would help prioritize the feature.