Create a new theme for me

is anybody willing to create a theme for me?
I could pay!

Sure whats needed? I personally can help ya out as of the fact that I already got some experience from creating the Sweet theme.

Hi, thanks for the offer.

I was looking for something close to this. The toolbar at the top and the sidebar start dark and fade lighter (not sure if that is doable in Mailspring).

Does that look OK?

I don’t believe that the fading is possible but the rest is doable im gonna give it a try tomorrow and inform you when im done!

Great, thanks for your help.

Hi, just wondering if you’d managed to make a start on the theme?

Oh! Hi Im sorry totally forgot it. Imma do that now tho and will probably post it later or tomorrow

No problem, thanks, much appreciated.

I finished the theme and uploaded it to Github:

Please feel free to give me some feedback and I can easily change eg. some colors for you if you don’t like them.
Also if you would like to support me I would really appreciate a coffee!

Hi, it’s looks good. Do you think making the top bar blue would ruin it?

No, I even believe that a blue top bar would look great but I think that this is only possible by customizing it with CSS directly because as far as I know this isn’t possible with the given customization functions.

Hi, what does that mean in practice?

That I, sadly, can’t help you out with this one. I’m sorry.

I’ve seen some themes with a dark top bar, is that because the background of the message list and message detail are the same colour?

Yes, you can only set the background color, which is then also the top bar.

Thought so!
Thanks for your help on this. I have no idea how much people donate for coffee - what’s normal? I don’t want to send an insulting amount.

Would it be easy for me to try changing the blue for the selected message in the Inbox? Is it one variable in the one of the files?

Yes, thats no problem. You just need the change “@list-focused-bg” in light-blue-Mailspring/styles/ui-variables.less to another hex value or another variable. If you have a color in mind I could also change that for you and push it to github

Oh, and its important to note that you will have to import the theme again and restart Mailspring completely (Through right-clicking the Mailspring icon in the system tray and quitting it) to apply the changes.

Given the grey font, I think the blue you’ve used is good. Have you ever done any emClient themes?