<Create new rule from address> in the context menu

Mailspring supports automatic label sorting rules but access to them is somewhat inconvenient.
It would be much handier if there was a context menu item to create a rule from received emails in the inbox with automatically filled in.

This would greatly help people ho get 50+ emails a day from different sources and manual sorting into folders is just too big a task.

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This would be fantastic as I agree creating rules is currently quite tedious.

The Windows Outlook client has this option in the context menu and works well. Additionally, it also works even when multiple emails with different senders are selected.

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I agree that this would be a great feature, however what I love in Thunderbird is that it’s not limited to just the sender. You can right click on an email subject and choose to create a mail rule from that. You can right click on the date of an email and choose to create a mail rule from that. You can right click on the starred status and choose to create a mail rule from that etc.

It’s much more flexible than just creating a rule from the sender, and the interface is elegant, albeit hidden behind a right click.

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I would even be happy if I could have my inbox and rules open at the same time. Then I could at least copy and paste the correct search terms from my inbox or search result.

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