CRITICAL BUG: Deleting drafts ending up deleting entire email chains! ⚠️


Deleting a draft in an email thread is deleting the entire email chain. This is happening all the time.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Open your Gmail Inbox on MailSpring.
  2. Find a long and really old email thread.
  3. Starting typing a reply to that thread. Delete the draft instead of finishing writing it or sending it.
  4. Now go back. And search for that email in the inbox.
  5. It will be nowhere to be found. Then you will realize it is sitting in the trash bin.

Expected Behavior

Deleting a draft in an email chain shouldn’t delete the entire email chain.


N/A [Reproduction details is clear enough.]


  • OS and Version: macOS 11.6 (20G165)
    • Installation Method: installer
  • Mailspring Version: Latest (September 18th, 2021)

How are you deleting the draft? Because I do this all the time and have never seen the behaviour you report.

Are you deleting the draft by:

  • clicking the trash button under the message?
  • going to the drafts folder, selecting the draft and then clicking the trash button?
  • hitting the Delete key while editing the draft?

If you’re doing either of the first two, that sounds like a bug, so the more detail you can give the better.

If it’s the last of these, what you’ve actually done isn’t to ask for the draft to be deleted but for the thread to be deleted. This is a consequence of the fact that Mailspring operates on the thread by default when you’re viewing it, which has a number of irritating results (like moving a thread to a folder moving the entire thread, including sent messages).

Hope that helps!

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I had been doing no. 1. No. 2 works fine. Also, note that No. 1 is only an issue if the email thread is really old and long. Let’s say 1 year old or so.

Odd - even doing that (a thread with 10 messages from 2017 in GMail) I can’t reproduce your issue (Mailspring 1.9.2 on Ubuntu 21.04).

I managed to see the same things in my side, and many times, and just recently I saw that this is because I delete draft that the thread is also deleted

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If you report your system details here, the developers will find it easier to see what’s common between you and the OP.

I’m on windows 10family edition.

I think the last time it occured I created two drafts and deleted one of the two and

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I just got this bug again, when I went to the trash I found an email chain which I didn’t deleted. If you want to reproduce the bug you should go to the trash to verifiy that there is nothing inside it, it doesn’t warn you when the chain is deleted !

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Totally agree with everything Navis-Raven said. Here are my specifications:

Note that for me, this is happening for the Gmail/Google Workspace connections.

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I think it’s more easy to reproduce than you think, but I don’t have a protocol to reproduce it, since we need to have a chain of mails before beginning.

If you remove the thread from the trash and try again, is it treated the same way? That is, is the bug repeatable for a particular thread or is it more random?

Yes the bug is repeatable

The bug is still persistent.