[Critical][Bug] Emails from iCloud dissapearing


Emails from iCloud email accounts are disappearing after a few minutes. The only way to get them back for few minutes is to Rebuild Cache under Accounts. Once cache has been rebuilt the emails will disappear again after just a few minutes. It seems like it only does that for emails older than 7 days. All emails are available on other clients like Outlook, Mail and mobile clients.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Setup icloud email address
  2. Wait a few minutes and email will disappear

Expected Behavior

Email shouldn’t disappear from inbox.



  • OS and Version: Windows 10 latest version
    • Installation Method: installer
    • Mailspring Version: 1.10.8

Additional Context

I wrote Critical in the title since this after few Google searches this has been known for years and it’s unacceptable behaviour for an email client. I was about to buy the premium version but I think I’ll have to find another mail client if this isn’t resolved soon.

Sorry to hear you are having this issue. I tested this right now, on Mac OS X 13.4 (22F66) running Mailspring Version 1.10.8 (1.10.8), and am not seeing this issue.

This is a redacted screenshot of my Mailspring instance.

I sent an email from my personal domain to myself on iCloud. It has been sitting in my iCloud for eight minutes. This also doesn’t happen for me on Linux.

Happening on Windows 10. Since I wrote this topic the behaviour seems to have changed, again.

Emails older than 7 days disappears.

Thanks for the update! Emails older then 7 days disappearing sounds like there may be a rule being run that may be causing this issue. Do you have any mail rules running?

I will keep an eye on my test message, which was sent on Friday evening, and revert in a couple of days.


I don’t have any emails rules or special configuration. My install is almost the default one but added my accounts, changed the theme and added a signature.

This issue is so weird it’s unbelivable.

Now the Star emails aren’t staying and dissapear like the others.

Now the date doesn’t matter, the inbox can only keep the last 5 emails.

Need to rebuild cache everytime I need to view my mails.

Tested for more than a week now.

Please fix that 5 emails limit.

Still an ongoing issue, can anyone confirm this isn’t an issue with ProtonMail? I’ll switch because Mailspring is clearly the best mail client out there. I’ll say that iCloud is garbage and it’s not your fault. I just wish Proton will work.