Customizable "From:" header for individual emails

The Problem

I would like to be able to set an arbitrary “From:” email address (*@my-domain.tld) for a domain under my control for a single email in Mailspring with less overhead.

I have a lot of email addresses in the same domain, essentially an unlimited number due to a catch-all setting. I use this for privacy and help in organizing my email traffic. While I have a primary address for outgoing email and the alternative email addresses are mainly for inbound messages, occasionally I need to write a single email from one of the alternates. It’s quite impractical to set up an alias each time for what’s often a one-time use case, which means I end up using another means of sending these emails, and cannot use Mailspring as my simple, single email client that I would like it to be.

Proposed Solution

When creating a new email, I would like to be able to manipulate the email address I selected in the “From:” field and change the local part (before the @) to an arbitrary string, only to be used for this particular email.

Alternative Solutions

Adding an alias and removing it again. Too much work.

Not removing the new alias. Still too much overhead, and too many aliases accumulate.

Using Thunderbird. My desire to move away from clunky Thunderbird is why I’m here in the first place.


I’d be perfectly fine with enabling this feature somewhere in the settings first, in case it would be too confusing for the average user.

Thunderbird has this feature. In the dropdown that allows selecting identities for the “From” field, there’s an entry “Customize From Address”; selecting that make the “From” field freely editable, prepopulated with the “$NAME <$EMAIL>” of the currently selected identity.