Customize auto-advance behavior upon archive/delete

This is a Gmail feature I’m discovering I sorely miss.

When you click into an email and archive it, instead of being returned to the inbox, it auto-advances you to the next conversation. You can also choose whether you want to auto-advance to the next newer or next older conversation.

(Originally posted by leggomyinfo on GitHub.)

I have tested the issue. It seems that the behaviour is exactly, as requested. When I archive or delete an e-mail the next e-mail thread is automatically opened.

So in my opinion, this should be closed.

@Phylu One part here, though, is the option to proceed to next or previous. Worth renaming and keeping open for that?

After archiving an email, the next or previous email in the inbox is shown.

I would like to have the option of archiving without opening any email afterward (just returning to the list of emails in the inbox).

(Originally posted by ghuba on GitHub.)

From what I can see this is only true if you have the reading pane open. If you don’t have the reading pane open, click on a message to read it, then archive or delete it you bounce back to the inbox view. One thing I love about Geary is that in this case it opens the next message and doesn’t take you back to the inbox. I sort of fell in love with this behavior as I can have a really compact view (half a FHD screen) with no reading pane and go through a whole bunch of messages very quickly just by clicking archive or delete while they are open for reading. Would be good of this was a setting that could be toggled.

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On deleting a message, the selection should move to older message than newer message