Customize label/tag colors itself allows you to specify colors for different labels/tags.


After years of using the same colors, it’s a little odd to see the same emails with different colors in Mailspring.


How are you generating these folder/label colors? Is there any way to pull the colors directly from Gmail? I understand if this information simply is not available, but I’m interested to understand the current process either way.

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Hey—thanks for filing this! Right now, the colors are pseudo-randomly generated here: Right now Mailspring uses the Gmail IMAP interface, which doesn’t expose the colors selected in Gmail, but there might be a way we could do this with the Gmail first-party API?

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Hey there,

would be a really helpful enhancement seeing same labelcolors in Mailspring. We also use the same colorcode for a while now and every teammember is used to them. Seeing different colors in Mailspring is really a little weird.

Cant wait to see this enhancement soon.

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Hey there,

If it’s not possible to pull the colors from gmail, why not make a Settings option where you can choose a color? This way, you can at least match it on your own.
But this is probably another thing, so should I open a new issue for this?

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I agree with @evoxxgithub , why not add a simple color picker?

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Following up on @evoxxgithub and @ipolevoy… Two years later this seems like a huge benefit for a mail client that does care about aesthetics. For some of us, colour is a key part of organization. Is the not-yet-possible tag added because the feature was not added or because it is not yet possible to add a color-picker feature?

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This for me is a killer feature and the reason why I can’t swich from thunderbird… :frowning:

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Being able to add colors to labels is a fundamentally feature for mail organization. I just started using Mailspring and not being able to change the colors of labels is a big problem. My whole workflow is being thrown off. Please consider a feature to change the color of labels!!

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I think we could reasonably accept a pull request, or at least a plugin, for a color picker feature, depending on how it was implemented into the interface. (Actually, you’d build it the same anyway whether as a built-in core plugin or an external plugin.) We don’t want to clog the interface up with too many options, but this seems like a fairly elementary use case.