Database Break

It happens after I downlaod the 1.10 version.

same issue. tried running the installer with admin privileges aswell

Does it happen every time, or it happened once and then it was fine?

It does happens every time

Just ran into this tonight. Got a notification that there was an update and it popped up the same window about rebuilding the local email database with only the Okay option to choose from. Continue to click Okay and it just comes right back. Try to close it and it comes right back. Try to kill it from the Task Manager and it comes right back. It just gets stuck in this loop. The one way I found to kill the loop is to remove Mailspring with the help of the Add/Remove.

Figured maybe there was an issue an with the downloaded files so went straight to the website to grab the installation file. Ran it and I ended up back with this rebuild window loop again.

After forcing it closed again with Add/Remove programs, I removed what was left of the \Local\Mainspring\ folder, started the installation program up again and we’re right back to the rebuild loop.

This was with the install/update for 1.10.0.

I went back and grabbed the install for 1.9.2 and it installed with no issue. There is something in 1.10 that is failing install. I see the update notification in Mailspring for 1.10.0 but I’ll refrain from doing so until the bug can be worked out.

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