Default sending email using custom domain hosted at a provider

I have my own domain hosted at a provider, but I can only connect to the provider using an account email used to sign up. In the Mindspring app on Mac Catalina, I set up my custom email address as an alias and can create an email and successfully send from the alias. However, I cannot set the custom alias as the default sending email. Is this a limitation of the Mindspring app?

I don’t think you can set an alias as the default sender for new emails in Mailspring, no. It might be worth raising this as a feature request in the relevant section of this forum, because it certainly makes sense to include.

Thanks for confirming that. After tinkering around with account setup, I defined an IMAP/SMTP account for my hosted domain and was able to set it as the default for new messages. I agree that it might be a feature to request but I don’t see it as an important enough for me to make; perhaps someone else would.