Deleting Draft Emails deletes the whole thread instead

Deleting Draft Emails deletes the whole thread instead. Running on Ubuntu, latest version 1.8.
Happens for any email where I delete the draft email. It deletes the whole thread instead and I have to go to my deleted folder to restore it.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a draft email
  2. Browse, do other things
    3 Come back and delete draft email
    Whole email thread should not be deleted if we are just deleting the draft.

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
installed via snap
Version 1.8.0

I could not reproduce. Are you clicking THIS delete button, as opposed to the one at the top? (I’ve made that mistake before.)

Hi Jason!

Yes I am! However, when I hover over the button at the bottom, it says “Delete Draft”.

Changing to a better screenshot.

And the above button is for deleting full email thread no?

Correct. That is weird. I’m not able to reproduce on Ubuntu 20.04, but I am running the .deb-packaged version. (I’m starting to think Snapcraft is haunted.) Can you reproduce with the .deb?

Hi Jason,

Yes indeed, I’m still getting this problem even when using the debian package version from Mailspring - The best free email app

Not sure what the issue is.

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