Development question

I’m new to Mailspring. As I see it this is the only email software that’s on the market for the Windows platform that’s pretty mature with a good and functional base. So it’s sad to see that the development is lacking recently. Is there any hope of improvement or am I seeing it wrong?
Greetz from Groningen, The Netherlands

Hi @depiman,

the development at the moment is done mainly by volunteers. I am happy to get new people on board with building the project, but due to the lack of people the process is quite slow at the moment.

However, I would not say that there is no progress. If you check out the commits, you will see that there are a few things in the pipeline that will be released with the next version: Commits · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub

I’m not a developer, however I can monetarily contribute/sponsor features, or help test features and report bugs. Is there infrastructure setup to do so or perhaps a bounty page? I’m using Mailspring on Linux for whatever that is worth, it’s the only modern client I’ve found.