Disable/Selective Unified Inbox

Some users don’t like the Unified Inbox, and would like to disable it entirely. Other users would like to be able to exclude some accounts from Unified Inbox.

This might be a nice addition to Mailspring, but more likely it is a good candidate as a plugin.

(The original request has 16 upvotes and 4 hearts on GitHub.)

I like the unified inbox, but I wish that Ctrl+{number} wouldn’t switch to the selected inbox (and thus remove all other inboxes from the sidebar), but to the subelement of the unified inbox (as if I would click on it).

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There is also a request for being able to have multiple Unified Inboxes for different purposes. That seems pretty closely related to this.

Here’s some other duplicate and related issues:

I’m sorry to say but I’m really annoyed by the unified inbox system of mailspring. I love the way mailbird does it. If I’m looking for mail in different folders I work per account, but in mailspring you have to open your account for every category (inbox, unread, starred, …) I would love a way to disable unified inbox.