Discord server for Mailspring

Turns out it seems that the Mailspring community is quite… uncompleted to me, not that I have anything wrong about that, but I would like to give a suggestion here. :smile:

As I’ve been joining today, and helped many peoples, I’ve also had the chance to see their remarks about what was wrong, and what should have been done. Many of these remarks was about the lack of communication and help from the maintainers.

As such, why not consider creating a Discord server for Mailspring? I’m not sure if it exists already, but I think it would be just the cherry on top of the cake to advertise one.
Many dev communities are on Discord, such as TypeScript, Vue.js, Adonis.JS, Inertia.JS, etc… so, hey, why not Mailsprong after all?

It would be much easier for peoples to connect together, I’m not saying this platform can have better and it should be thrown out of the windows, but that Discord would be yet another way to connect all of us together.

Hoping to get a positive response from everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

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