Dreaded "One or more accounts are having connection issues" V1.80 MailSpring Free


Gold Rounded Box in lower left corner with text: “One or more accounts are having connection issues” and Text Button: “Try Now” appears frequently or after manual F5 sync. Clicking “Try Now” has message Box disappear for a few seconds then reappear. Using ISP “RCN” Imap and Smtp, see port info
under “Email Provider” below.



Email Provider

RCN | Standard: imapDOTrcnDOTcom (Port 143) Or SSL: imapDOTrcnDOTcom - (Port 993) [Tried Both, same message]
smtpDOTrcnDOTcom alternate port- (Port 587) TLS with smtp on port 587 is currently enabled


This is a daily problem for me “connection issues”. Im on an imac running 10.13.6, with Mailspring 1.9.2 (1.9.2).
So that little brown box appears often. I have only 2 accounts in mail spring - Gmail and a Network Solutions accounts. Cannot tell which is having connection issues. Problem is not prompted by any specific action. would be helpful if this connection stuff would not happen. But, now that it is, it would be good to know which account(s) are have the connection issues.


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Same here. It is recurring issue and does not provide much information, I don’t know which of the two accounts is the issue for example.


Would be nice to know what the issue is here.

Sebastian, Glad to find someone with same issue. Also, don’t know if you have these other issues: deleted, and previously opened emails, coming back as unopened emails in my in box, and unable to delete emails from the trash on one account.



I don’t think that has happened to be Bruce, haven’t seen deleted seen emails coming back to life! That would not be nice indeed… :slight_smile:

I recommend you vote this thread (top of the screen), though seems not many have been interested on it?

I can see that the two emails that I just wrote are not being sent, maybe due to the “connecting issues”?


Ohh for the first time I have seen another error down there bottom left:


I clicked Check Again and have to logged into the system again and email was sent…

I am also having this issue on a Zimbra backend server. I’m connecting to it with IMAP - only account in the app and it’s a persistent error. I tell it to retry but it always comes back.

I’m running version 1.9.2

I’m having this issue for years. Previously, I was using it under a Linux distro and i thought there was a packaging / compatibility issue and didn’t care much. Now, i’m using Mailspring under latest macOS Monterey update, and having the issue multiple times a day. It makes the client pretty useless for me. Account wise, all i’m using is 4 gmail - google workspace accounts, nothing weird, nothing fancy.