Editable Contacts from IMAP Email Addresses

The Problem

I have two email addressed with Mail Spring (GMAIL and my business IMAP email with it’s own server) and with Gmail I am able to edit my contacts. With IMAP the edit button is greyed out. Sometimes I would like to add information to my contacts like first and last names but I am unable to do so. I am a paying subscriber and will be adding another email (Zoho) to the service soon. But I don’t want to use the Zoho email client I would like to keep using Mail Spring, but this issue is very frustrating.

Proposed Solution

That Mail Spring can offer Contact editable support across multiple email addresses not just one.

Alternative Solutions

If you can only have one email with editable contacts then I would like to choose which one that would be. I would choose my business email (IMAP) in this instance.


As you can see the Edit button is greyed out and when I press the icon to add a new contact it does not work.

I am running Mac OS Big Sur. Thank you!

I don’t think the upload of your image finished. Want to try that again?

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Thanks Jason. I think that worked :slight_smile:

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Duplicate Issue(s):


Can not add a contact the button is grayed out and does noting when pressed e(making the application mostly useless for me at the moment

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Connect a Imap mail account and attempt to add a new contact

Expected Behavior

I expect the ability to add a contact to the address book via contact management

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I am still experiencing this issue in Version 1.10.2
Is there a workaround?

Guessing there is no work around.