Editing drafts in popout composer causes thread view to scroll


When editing a draft in the pop-out composer, pausing any edits for a few seconds causes the thread view in the main window to scroll down to the draft. Same behavior occurs even when the entire thread is popped out.

This bug happens when my edits to a draft are synced to the view of the draft in the other window.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Select any single thread.
  2. Start a reply to a message in that thread.
  3. Switch to the pop-out composer for your reply.
  4. Scroll to elsewhere in the thread where you can’t see the thread in the main window.
  5. Type some text in the message area of the pop-out composer.
  6. Wait a few seconds.
  7. View of thread in main window scrolls to where the draft is.

Reproduction steps for the case where the pop-out thread view is scrolled are similar. Just pop-out the thread, then edit your draft and wait, and similar behavior will occur.

Expected Behavior

Edits to the draft do not cause the scroll position to change drastically in other windows. Sometimes I want to consult previous emails in a thread while writing a reply, and having to repeatedly scroll to past messages feels so inefficient.


Here’s a screencast of me using the pop-out composer and pop-out thread window to reproduce the bug.



  • OS and Version: Windows 10 Education Version 2004, build 19041.388, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2202.130.0
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.8-13635bcf

Additional Context

This not particular to any of the accounts of email services that I use, as far as I can tell.

(Originally posted by jmanuel1 on GitHub.)

I see the same behavior in Linux, mailspring 1.7.8

(Originally posted by jylertones on GitHub.)