Electron 12 Migration

This needs to happen in 2021, as part of our major development push. Electron 4 is extremely out of date. If we’re going to upgrade, we might as well do it right on the first pass.

What all is this going to involve? @bengotow, any insight?



Just leaving this here…

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@bengotow Electron 12 adds the much-needed Wayland support we presently lack. Wayland is becoming standard on many Linux distros, so we’re going to need that soon. Just a heads up.

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We need wayland!!! Electron apps are blurry on fractional scaling without electron 12+

Is there any update on this? Electron 12 would also enable native M1 support for the client. (The sync engine is probably arm compatible already?).
This would be great to see happen :smiley:

I started working on the issue. Progress will be tracked here:

It’s me or we are about to upgrade Electron to 14.2.1 very soon @Phylu ?

Yes. :slight_smile:
We are currently testing it thoroughly (and found and resolved some bugs already). So there is no definitive timeframe, but it is the next thing that will be released.