Email Triage Feature

I think an email triage feature would be a nice feature to have available. The ideas is that all general emails come into the main inbox, and are then filtered to either FYI or Action types. Each would have a different colored tag to easily differentiate between types, and you can also easily view them by category (including uncategorized). This helps keep your main inbox empty, while letting you easily filter your important emails from the unimportant.

Instead of tagging emails and filtering the view, an alternate solution could be to allow users to choose which folders are visible under the account on the left sidebar. You could easily create a “FYI” and “TODO” folder, but if you have many other folders it is really messy. Being able to hide default folders (I don’t need archive, junk mail, drafts, etc) and pin custom folders with icons to the top.

Does this feature exist in another mail client or tool you use?

Hiri has this email feature and it works very well. Hiri has stopped development though, so I moved to Mailspring. Here is what they say about the features (which are optional in their client):


(Originally posted by GammaGames on GitHub.)