Empty trash on exit

Hi there,

An “Empty trash on exit” option would be really useful.


Hi, I presume from your comment that there isn’t an option already and you didn’t get a response?

Hello there,

At the time of this post there wasn’t an option for this and I didn’t get a response. I now use Mailspring as a secondary client occasionally and haven’t checked if anything has changed, but it probably hasn’t.

If you’re interested in that feature, consider voting for it.

Done, did you find a decent app with this option?

I think that most email clients do have this functionality. What OS are you on?

Mac OS. Maybe I’m just fussy, wanting a nice looking GUI and that option.

Have you checked if Mac Mail has that option? I’ve not used Mac OS so I don’t know if it is there.

I remember Thunderbird having this option, but it might not cover you in the GUI area. You could also check eM Client which definitely has that option and a nice GUI in my opinion. However, its Mac version is relatively new, so it might have more bugs or rough edges here and there.

Edit: Forgot to say that eM Client is not open source, and that there’s a free version and a paid version if you want more.