Enable "All Mail" Folder for Gmail

I’m getting the following error message on my Gmail account.

Your account is missing the ‘All Mail’ folder. This is probably due to ‘Show in IMAP’ being disabled.

How do I enable the All Mail folder?

Your Gmail account doesn’t have an “All Mail” folder, preventing Mailspring from syncing it. Thankfully, it’s easy to enable it!

To do it, you’ll just need to sign in to Gmail from a web browser, go to Settings / Labels and check “Show in IMAP” next to “All Mail.”

Is there a way I can have MailSpring not sync the All Mail Folder? I have hundreds of thousands of emails in this folder and it hands up sync. If I can just sync the normal folders like Inbox, Draft, Sent, etc, ONLY, that would be great.

That relates to an open feature request. Ben’s answer there will answer your question, and upvoting that feature suggestion will help prioritize it down the road: Don't Sync All of All Mail