Enable nested tags creation

The Problem

Google Gmail allow you to create nested tags/folder (i.e. a folder inside a folder). While this visualization is supported on Mailspring, it’s not possible to create ones.

Proposed Solution

Make it possible to create nested folders/tags.

I think it is actually possible. If you have a first level label x, and want to create a new label y inside x, just create it with the name x/y.

You’ve marked a reply as the solution but can you confirm that this definitely worked for you?

Because this was proposed on other topics in the past and has never worked for me (Windows 10).

There are several other topics about (a) creating nested labels and (b) customising the sort order of labels too.

It does work for me (on Debian). untitled

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Intresting. So this must be yet another bug that affects Windows 10 because when I try, it just creates the label like the below:


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Maybe it’s then worth to submit a bug report. I don’t have Windows to confirm.

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It is reported as a bug on here, numerous times but like everything else, just goes by with no response or action. :see_no_evil: