Encountered an error while syncing on mac


I have used Mailspring for years and use it for six different email accounts. Just yesterday, my primary business email account stopped syncing “Encountered an error while syncing”. I have reauthorized the account several times and uninstalled and reinstalled mailspring, which I’m not sure was done properly since upon reopening it I didn’t have to reconnect any accounts, it just opened as usual—with the sync problem. All the other accounts are syncing just fine.

I have not made any changes to either the program or the email account since last sync.


It happens every time I try to sync but all the other accounts are working properly. I’m not sure how you would reproduce the problem.

Email Provider



  • OS and Version: 12.6.5
    • Installation Method: downloaded off the website
  • Mailspring Version: Version 1.11.0 (1.11.0)

Unfortunately, it seems Google’s recent changes to their Gmail login and IMAP interfaces are causing some login and syncing problems with external email clients like Mailspring. Google’s intention is that you use their Web-based interface with Gmail–although they begrudgingly allow you to connect with a third-party client.

It seems to be a repeated game of cat-and-mouse with Google on this. Hopefully the Mailspring devs will figure out a solution for those of you using Gmail.