Error on build


I am trying to package Mailspring for Alpine Linux. To build the software AFAIK I have basically 2 commands to run:

npm install
npm run-script build

However I have this error on the first command:

-- Downloading the last released version of Mailspring mailsync --
error: pathspec './mailsync' did not match any file(s) known to git
  const err = new Error(message);

Error: Command failed: git submodule status ./mailsync
error: pathspec './mailsync' did not match any file(s) known to git

I can share my build log file if needed.


  • OS and Version: Alpine Linux (edge version)
    • Installation Method: source
  • Mailspring Version: 1.13.3

Which node version are you using trying to build Mailspring?

I tried with 20.11.0 and 21.6.1, both are packaged in the distribution repos.

Can you please run npm run build instead of run-script. The node version that I use for building successfully is v18.18.2.

Same error with npm run build.

Did you try it with node 18?

I can’t. For packaging I have to use packaged build tools, and node 18 isn’t available anymore on edge branch.

Let me try it with the newer buffer version. However I won’t get to this before the weekend.

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Does not seem to be the node version. I can run and build with node version 20 and 21.

Can you please check if mailsync has been properly downloaded?

➜  Mailspring git:(master) ls mailsync 
build.cmd  CMakeLists.txt  MailSync  MailSync.xcodeproj  Vendor  Windows
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I build from the release tarball available on GitHub release page.

Do I need to download another tarball from elsewhere?

Edit: I finally understood what you were asking. The directory is empty. It seems it would be working from a git clone but not from the release tarball.


Yes. When you clone it from git, the mailsync dependency will be downloaded automatically.

That does not happen if you download the tar manually.

So what should I do to build it from tarball?

Download the correct version of mailsync, I think. I have never done so though.