Error strings while responding an e-mail: how do I get rid of them?

These js error messages appear quite sometimes, and the only remedy I have applied so far is restarting the OS.
Please let me know if there are any other solutions.

A few thoughts:
First, it looks like you’re not using the most recent version of Mailspring. You should definitely upgrade to the newest version available.

Also, when you say you have to restart “the OS” – do you mean the whole operating system or just the Mailspring client?

Hi fcgreg,

thank you for your follow-up, by ‘OS’ I was meaning Windows System in my case, and my version was 1.11x (with the ‘update’ command, I couldn’t get any newer versions).
But I gave up lately, so I’m unable to check it out again any longer, neither I can reproduce the same error.
If any of you haven’t had any of similar fallace episodes so far I presume that it’s caused by a character sets that I usually use, which is based on UTF-16 encode.