Every time I open this email client there's new crap to deal with. Such a frustrating software


  • I have IMAP, gmail, office 365 in it. Every day I have to re-authenticate office 365. Fine, whatever.
  • The IMAP accounts go out of sync, sometimes the account shows just a 5-10 emails from today and nothing else, other times it congratulates me because I’m done with mail. I have to rebuild cache or remove and add the account again to get back to my email. Again, fine, whatever. Doable.
  • When I search for emails in mailspring it doesn’t find them but I can find them using the web interface (google for example). This gets me angry.
  • randomly, and for multiple days or weeks at a time I get stupid stuff like this: {"debuginfo":"https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v4/token","key":"SSL connect error","retryable":true,"what":"Unknown exception"} when I try to reconnect an a gmail account. It goes out of sync and the client says one of my accounts has trouble connecting. Doesn’t say which one, I have to guess. Logs are equally “useful” as you can see, no mention of WHICH one is experiencing this. So I finally removed all gmail accounts and tried to add them again. No go. So now I can’t add email accounts.
  • mailsync screws up the database and then complains that it’s locked. This leads to the account being marked red and have to reconnect. I don’t abuse the software, I don’t kill mailsync, my computer has been up for the past 30 days. Reliability monitor doesn’t show any crashes for mailsync. This is annoying, but fine, whatever, I’ll perpetually rebuild cache.
19288 [2021-12-03 13:06:01.165] [background] [info] -- 0 matches.
19288 [2021-12-03 13:06:01.165] [background] [warning] [SLOW] Transaction=unlinkMessagesMatchingQuery > 80ms (97ms, 0 waiting to aquire)
19288 [2021-12-03 13:06:01.165] [background] [info] Unlinking messages  WHERE remoteFolderId = ? AND remoteUID < ? no longer present in remote range.
19288 [2021-12-03 13:06:01.176] [foreground] [critical]
*** Mailspring Sync
*** A C++ exception occurred during program execution:
*** database is locked
  • outright missing email: sometimes I question my sanity because I could SWEAR I sent an email but I can’t see it. Sure enough, log in to the web interface or use another client and I find it. This makes me question if I’m using an email client or not.
  • and finally, latest and most egregious transgression for a mail client: I sent an email and it got stuck. It didn’t notify me that it failed to send it, nothing. I noticed this 3 days after having sent that email. Needless to say that led to some BS with the person who was waiting on that info. Looked for it, and it was in Drafts but only in mailspring. Mailspring failed to upload said draft to the imap server. So whatever it did, it was local, and failed to let me know that it screwed up.

And this last point is exactly why I cannot trust this email app to do its job. I don’t care how pretty it is, or how “complex” it is to develop an email client. If it doesn’t do basic stuff like complain about email not being sent, then its whole existence is unwarranted.

Since we’re on the topic: I’ve been toying with the idea of paying the overpriced $8/mo thinking maybe there’s some difference between the versions. It’s not, same code. Ergo, same crap experience, the only benefit being that I feel good about helping development for what is otherwise a relatively nice looking client. But if I can’t use it due to its many unaddressed bugs across MANY version, what’s the point?

Anyway, sorry developers, if you’re even around because I don’t see much activity - I can’t support this client. It just gets in the way, costs me money and my reputation. This is goodbye.

To Reproduce…

Use the client for any amount of time, with real accounts.

Expected Behavior

Email clients should do 1 thing well: SEND email. And if it can’t it should ABSOLUTELY let you know.



Past 5+ versions, currently on 1.9.2-6e… something.

  • OS and Version: Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS, Fedora 34, Ubuntu 19, Debian 10.
    • Installation Method: app, snap, exe, deb.
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.2-6e…

Additional Context