EWS/EAS Support (Donation-Funded?)

I want to second/third/etc. the desire for a way to make donations and the request for the addition of calendar support. Ultimately, I’d really like to see full MS Exchange support (EWS/EAS) – Nylas had Exchange support and I’ve seen the old Zendesk article about the plan to add back Exchange in the future.

I’m seeing more and more pent-up demand for MS Outlook client alternatives from individual (non-commercial) users. These users have already found viable opensource alternatives for the other MS Office apps, but true Outlook replacements are scant.

When I’ve asked these users if they would be willing to kick in funds towards development of an opensource Outlook alterative they’ve all been enthusiastic about doing so on a donation basis.

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I’d also love to see a way to donate.

I imagine this is hard due to licensing :confused:

@forumer and @Daniel: We do have it on our roadmap to improve support of Office 365, which supports OAuth now, and not just EWS: Institutional Office365 not working

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@CodeMouse92 That sounds specific to Office 365, whereas Exchange support would be broader than that since it’d also cover other providers that use Exchange, EWS, or ActiveSync (EAS). For example, Sogo and Z-Push are open-source projects that implement the ActiveSync protocol on the server side, and some email providers use these (or their own in-house implementations).

That is possible, although hopefully in the minority. Microsoft is deprecating the old basic authentication on EWS, in favor of OAuth, and I imagine many services will follow suit.

Based on my conversations with Ben, it’s not likely we’ll be adding a donation mechanism, especially because that brings with it significant expectations (read “demands”) regarding timeline, and we simply cannot make guarantees or promises about development schedule.

That said, if someone started an independent bug bounty on adding proper EWS/EAS support to Mailspring, that certainly would be one avenue to encourage PRs for that feature.

Is that for on-premise Exchange too, or only for hosted Exchange? I thought they were only moving to OAuth for hosted, not on-prem.

I legitimately am not sure. It’s hard to find clear documentation, because the hosted Exchange documentation seems to shadow everything else.

There is this…

Beyond that, not sure.

+1 For EWS support since this brings Categories/label functionality to office365 mails I think. At least this is what OWL/Beonex for Thunderbird is using.

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This worked for me. Not a permanent solution, but it removes the need to have another mail client just for my ews account: