Institutional Office365 not working - workaround!

I have (kind of by accident) found someone who made a post about making Mailspring work with institutional Office365 using the Exchange Web Services, which I guess a lot of people in here could take advantage of until EWS is implemented in Mailspring. It makes use of DavMail Gateway, a cross platform app that creates a local POP/IMAP/SMTP/etc email server connected to the EWS Microsoft account.

Here is the relevant article, and here is the software website.

I just downloaded it for Linux, using Mailspring 1.10.0 from Github, and it works like a charm. You just have to make sure the ports match, that you select no SSL, and use ‘localhost’ as server.

Of course, I can’t guarantee that nothing would be problematic with this workaround, as I don’t know anything about email protocols. If anyone knows about possible problems with this implementation, please comment!


I implemented this and I get connection failures after account setup with Mailspring. The solution works perfectly with Thunderbird, so it would seem that davmail is configured correctly.

Does this mark messages as read on the EWS server and keep emails and folders sync? Does it also sync calendar, contacts, and notes?

This worked for me as well. Only difference was that I had to change the Exchange Protocol in davmail properties to ‘O365Interactive’ because of 2FA. Unfortunately, running davmail as a server service is more challenging then expected.