Existing contact will not show in compose


Long time user of MailSpring, and have had this issue since day one. One of my client’s email and contact info never appears in the composer. I have not noticed this issue with any other users. His email and contact info appears in my Google Contacts account as well as in Gmail with no issue.

This issue has persisted across different computers (all running linux from ubuntu 16.04 to 18.10) and several clean and fresh syncs. The worst is that this client is the one I send the most email too, so super annoying to have to type his name and email each time I want to start a new thread or copy him on something.


  • OS and Version: Ubuntu 18.10
  • Mailspring Version: Affected mailspring since launch. Currently using latest 1.6.1

Additional Context

Guessing a contact sync issue, specific to Gmail.

Perhaps allow for a basic contact manager so anyone else with a similar issue can manually edit.

(Originally posted by harm0nic on GitHub.)

Hey! Hmm, this one is pretty interesting. We definitely need to add a full address book solution soon, but do you know offhand if your client’s email address looks autogenerated in some way? I think that to prevent the address book from becoming a mess, we filter out email addresses that are more than 40 characters long or include “notifications” or “no-reply”, or start with “updates” or “news” or “info”, etc. Maybe he’s getting caught in one of those rules. Will definitely be better when we’ve got an address book built in!

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You are correct in that the email begins with info@

Perhaps it would be a good idea to remove “info” from the filter as I happen to know a lot of small business’ that use info@ as their primary contact addresses.

(Originally posted by harm0nic on GitHub.)

I know this issue is merged, but as a side note I want to point out a serious drawback of having a automatic long-address-ban on new contacts: I use Trello as my task manager, and I frequently need to forward mails to Trello in order for them to appear on my TODO Trello board (as in: Creating cards by email - Trello Help) Unfortunately, my Trello-generated address is quite long, and will therefore not be remembered in Mailspring’s contact list. It would be very convinient with some kind of work-around for this use case.

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Just curious; have you tried manually adding the email to the new contact manager? settings -> window -> accounts?

This doesn’t work for Google accounts yet “Coming Soon for Google Accounts”, but it looks like it will be added as soon as Google approves their API access.

(Originally posted by harm0nic on GitHub.)

I can add it for my work account, but not for my Google account (as you point out). However, it doesn’t matter; the added address still doesn’t show up when I try to type it’s name in the To-field.

(Originally posted by mimavox on GitHub.)