Export/Copy/Backup Emails

It would be nice to be able to export/copy/backup emails as .eml and .mbox files or any compatible format; being able to use local (or remote) folders so users can free server space in those cases where they have inbox size restrictions.

Are there any plans to work in this somehow or are there any existing solution people use without an additional email client?

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Have a look at Em-Client (as noted above by Iski). It manages to import EVERYTHING + keep local copies. M$ only, unfortunately, but it is miles above their awful Outlook in every way. If Mailspring could do what Em-C does, it would immediately become the hottest client for sure!

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i’m exactly in that position: using emclient on windows and altough i want to switch so badly to mailspring, this is a core feature for me so until they implement it i can’t get along

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Here’s my use case.
I have tons of emails from an account that is not active anymore (I changed job). I thought I could export them from Mailspring and store them away. Instead, I’m stuck with a disabled account that I can not delete and a corresponding error message that I can not fix. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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There are workspaces that use .msg and .eml files as attachments, like user requests, system request, bug evidence, etc. Would be very useful can open these formats in Mailspring.

Where I work today people love to use .msg files instead of a more universal format as .pdf disappointed. Although .eml would be great too, since is more acceptable by e-mail applications.

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The “eml” file format is actually the most common email file type, thunderbird saves them by default. And if one wants to archive a one particular e-mail to disk, there have to be an option to save the message to file. It is very common in enterprise use that one have to transfer email to at least some file format, for example to attach it into CRM or ERP software used.

The best thing it is you can just dump the output you get from IMAP/POP3 server and you’ll get an eml file.

Hopefully Mailspring will get saving and opening functionality for eml files.

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Speaking for myself, I use this feature a lot in Evolution or Thunderbird, especially when filing spam reports with registrars. It would be a fairly simple thing to implement, but a very useful feature.

As an “old school” user, I would also like to have this feature. I classify important emails by saving them as EML files, which serves me very well; attachments are bundled with the actual message itself. Something one can not do by printing to a PDF…

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Make sure you actually “Vote” for the issue at the top!

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Using eM Client on Windows, I will often drag-drop emails (which get automatically saved as .eml files) so I can keep discussions in a given place for quick reference.

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I would love to see that feature. On macOS you can drag and drop messages onto any folder on your desktop and the .eml file with all attachments and so on is there. Beside the “normal” export mailbox function. Both are missing in mailspring.

Furthermore i would love to see a better “move” message / threads handling, which is kind of an export. At the moment you can not move a message from mailbox 1 to mailbox 2.
You can only move messages into subfolder of the same mailbox.

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Exporting email as .eml file should be a core functionality of email client.

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It would be nice if I don’t have to keep Thunderbird installed just to open .eml files.

Exactly like @lephuongbg I would like to not have to use Thunderbird whem I want to export or read .eml files.


I would also very much like to be able to back up my emails locally as .eml files and delete them from my email provider’s server. Perhaps an ideal solution would be the ability to sync a Mailspring folder with a folder on my desktop, so that any emails moved to that folder in Mailspring would be automatically saved as .eml files to the corresponding local folder, and automatically deleted from the provider’s server.